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All certification by the Society of Applied Hypnosis is competency-based. We are absolutely committed to helping you become a powerful, effective and positive force for change and our certified instructors will do everything in their power to teach and train you to achieve that level of skill. Only when you effectively demonstrate that you meet our standards of excellence will you be granted certification as a hypnotist.

What that means is, regardless of the number of hours spent in other trainings, you must meet our standards of competency before you can receive SAH Certification.

Students who successfully complete the basic course of training and satisfy the course instructor of their competence are granted the "Certified Hypnotist - C.H." designation.

You will never neceive a Certification of Completion from a Society of Applied Hypnosis approved course. You will recieve a "Certificate of Competence" for every course you have successfully completed and that means you have not only the knowledge but also the skill necessary to make your techniques work in the real world, on real clients, where the only thing that really matters is results.

For experienced hypnotists, the Society of Applied Hypnosis offers certification through a skills challenge examination. If you are an established Hypnosis Practitioner, certified by another organization, and would like to become certified by the SAH without taking one of our approved trainings, contact one of our instructors to make arrangements to demonstrate your proficeincy.

The Society also offers an Associate Membership program. While no certification is attached to this membership, Associate Members receive many of the benefits that our certified members receive, including advance notice of new classes and other training opportunities and membership in the Society's members-only Yahoo group. Associate Membership is granted on an individual basis. Please contact us for more information.

To download a copy of our membership application (for new members or renewals), right-click (Control-click on a Mac) here. This file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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